Who Gets Our Food?

sm nicaragua map

Why Nicaragua?

Ranked 125th out of 188 nations on the 2015 U.N.’s Human Development Index, Nicaragua is a low-income, food deficit country, with a per capita National Gross Income (NGI) of $980. While the poverty rate in Nicaragua has declined in recent years, approximately 30 percent of the population currently lives on less than $2 per day. Nicaragua’s poverty resides predominately in rural areas where resources and employment are limited.

Hunger in Nicaragua is among reasons to count the country as the second poorest nation in Latin America and the Caribbean. Around 300,000 people in Nicaragua need food assistance. With many people’s livelihoods tied to the unpredictability of the weather, there are a significant number in need of help. (Stats: borgenproject.org)

What About the Need in the USA?

Kids Against Hunger - Fox Valley is committed to providing help for families in need locally in the USA as well as internationally.  Approximately, 20% of our food is specially formulated and packaged for delivery to food pantries and outreaches here.   Additionally, in the wake of tragedies such as hurricanes or floods your support has allowed us to provide immediate shipments to help.

Why Kids Against Hunger?

Kid Against Hunger - Fox Valley has a long reputation (since 2007) for commitment to helping the hungry.  Our organization and partners operate with the utmost integrity and in close relationship.  Our team has visited and seen, firsthand, our food being served and the impact that it has in the rural communities where it goes.  The images on our site were taken in person by our board members and we've talked with the pastors, teachers and community leaders who tell the stories of how our food changes lives.